Alethia Publications

Alethia Publications and Training is focused on publishing and distributing Christian books and biblical material to help people grow in righteousness.


Alethia is the Greek word for “truth” and our focus is to disseminate biblical truth through the written word, and endeavor to make Christian books available in the local languages through translation work. We print God’s Word and have translated portions of it for the Indian subcontinent.

We exist to “make disciples of all nations,” and are committed to training and equipping local Christian leaders with solid biblical material that they in turn can teach and help their own flocks become more Christ-like through biblical discipleship.

Available Titles

Please read below to find out a little about some of the current and upcoming titles available from Alethia Publications.

Significant Lessons from Seven Churches

Author: Doug Van Meter. Price: INR 50.00, excluding delivery


“In this work Pastor Van Meter provides a practical and insightful commentary on the Letters to the Seven Churches in Revelation.  Van Meter’s work will prove valuable for reforming your view of this most difficult book in Scripture. Not only so, but you will find it extremely practical and uplifting as you learn of the Lord’s concern for the spiritual and material well-being of his Church as it endures gruelling circumstances. I highly commend this work.”

Rev. Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., Th.D.; Director,

Gospel of John and Romans (Marathi)

Price: INR 00.00; free not to be sold, excluding delivery.


The Scriptures used are from the Holy Bible, Pandita Ramabai’s edition translated into Marathi from original Hegrew & Greek. Printed in India by permission of Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission. Ideal for distribution and evangelism outreach programs.

What it Means to Be a Hypocrite (English edition)

Author: Doug Van Meter. Price: INR 60.00, excluding delivery


“This book is easy to read but only by those who are courageous enough and earnestly desire strong remedies for a deep-rooted disease that is plaguing the church.”

Chris Williams: Chairman, Grace to India Board

What it Means to Be a Hypocrite (Marathi edition)

Author: Doug Van Meter. Price: INR 75.00 – excluding delivery


The message of this book is taken from a series of studies from the gospel of Matthew chapter 23. The application is relevant for us today and a poignant reminder of the sinfull Pharisaic attitude that is often prevalent in the church of Jesus Christ.

Foreword by Chris Williams: Chairman, Grace to India Board

Book (Short Run) Printing

Alethia Publications is the publisher and printer of the books offered on this website. We are a company based in India and are therefore able to offer short run printing of books (1,000 to 2,000 copies) at very reasonable prices. The higher the quantity of books printed the cheaper the running cost; i.e. cost per book. This includes the printing and laminating of full colour book covers, printing of the book, perfect binding and trimming.

The price depends on the size of the book. As an example, the price for producing a paperback book, 130 pages in length, 5 1/2″ (145 mm) x 8 1/2″ (225 mm) in size would be approximately $2.25 per book. The customer would be responsible for shipping costs.

If you have interest in having a book printed please contact Gareth Franks for an estimate. See contact information below.

Contact Information